Dr. Jawad Majeed, or known to locals as "Dr. Jay," is a licensed Naturopathic doctor who offers an individualistic approach to health care. Dr. Majeed is well equipped to provide the whole family with both natural and integrative solutions to health and wellness. 


He believes that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when provided a nourishing environment and strives to develop a treatment plan that encompasses the whole person. Dr. Majeed focuses on educating his patients and is committed to ensuring that each patient fully understands his or her individual treatment plan. 

After receiving his undergraduate degree in behavioral neuroscience with a minor in evolutionary studies from Albright College, Dr. Majeed worked at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania, helping to manage and support patients suffering from mood, personality, and psychotic disorders. During this time, Dr. Majeed gained a deep appreciation for mind-body medicine, leading mindfulness based therapy sessions with patients. It was not until the realization of the interconnectedness of the body-mind-spirit that led Dr. Majeed to commit himself to the life-long pursuit of naturopathic medicine; a system of healing that is guided by the laws of nature. 

Dr. Majeed received his doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL where he gained over 1,200 hours of clinical experience as a Naturopathic intern at the Whole Health Care Clinic (Lombard, IL). There, he provided Naturopathic services to students and the surrounding community. 


Dr. Majeed completed an additional rotation at the Salvation Army clinic, helping to manage and provide educational resources to underserved communities to the Chicago area. He also spent a month interning at TruNorth Health Center, a whole food fasting clinic in Santa Rosa, CA. There he learned how to conduct water-only fasting regimens in a safe and effective manner under guidance of Dr. Goldhammer and Dr. Klapper. As the only clinic of its kind, TruNorth Health Center was featured in the documentaries Forks & Knives and What The Health.

Dr. Majeed was selected as 1 of only 3 scholarship recipients to attend Dr. Saines course in Acute and Chronic Homeopathic Prescribing in Montreal, CA. 

In his spare time, you'll typically find Dr. Majeed at a local coffee shop with his nose in a book. He enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking, snorkeling, and gardening. He recently joined CrossFit and is excited to integrate high intensity interval training (HIIT) into his lifestyle regimen.