A house call is a great way to receive quality naturopathic health care without leaving the comfort of your home. Dr. Jay wants you to be as relaxed as possible and is open to seeing those with special needs.  

Dr. Jay accepts home visits on a case by case basis. In order determine eligibility,

an introductory 15 minute consult is required.


Please email office@drmajeednd.com for inquiries.  


The initial home visit with Dr. Jay may consist of:

  • A comprehensive intake including a review of past and current medical history

  • Interpretation of labs results (conventional and functional) 

  • An environmental assessment overview (water, air quality, mold, food, lighting, cleaning products, etc.)

  • Physical exams as needed

  • An individualized plan based on clinical findings (diet plan, supplement regimen, homeopathic remedy, future labs) 

  • IV Nutrition or vitamin shots/ push (B12, glutathione, etc.) as deemed appropriate

  • Education and counseling

  • Craniosacral therapy, hydrotherapy, physical medicine techniques

Follow up appointments will consist of:

  • Overview of labs ordered

  • Adjustments to supplements, medications, diet plan as needed

  • IV Nutrition or vitamin shots (existing patients only) 

  • Education and counseling

  • Craniosacral therapy, hydrotherapy, physical medicine techniques

Payment will be due at the beginning of each session. Traveling expenses, supplements, IVs and B12 shots are not including in the initial price. 


For new patients, please complete intake and email to: office@drmajeednd.com

All prescribed supplements, homeopathic remedies, and herbs will be ordered via Fullscript.


Initial appointment: $300

Follow up appointments: $150