Naturopathic doctors focus on restoring health and preventing disease. A naturopathic doctor will determine the specific factors that are causing your health problems and partner with you to develop an individualized program to address and eliminate the root causes of your health problems through the safest, most effective natural treatment available.


Naturopathic doctors look at the whole person, not just the sickness. While various factors contribute to disease, many health conditions are not only treatable, but are completely avoidable. Most diseases in the United States are related to diet, lifestyle and environment. Many of the foods we eat are nutritionally deficient and lack proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential fats and enzymes. Some foods also contain chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic additives, growth hormones and antibiotics that contribute to the loss of health.


Stress, lack of exercise, and a wide variety of environmental toxins can also disrupt the body’s natural balance, affecting the various biochemical processes that keep us healthy. Our daily lifestyle choices critically impact the degree of health — or disease — we experience.


Naturopathic doctors know the body has strong natural defenses and the ability to heal itself, even from serious conditions. Chronic illnesses occur when these protective mechanisms are not working properly. Thus, a naturopathic doctor’s main goal is to help restore the body’s ability to heal itself. In contrast to conventional medicine’s approach to treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgery, naturopathic doctors use a wide variety of non-drug therapies to restore health by supporting the body, strengthening the self-healing processes and even preventing health problems from developing in the first place.


When people learn how to eliminate things that cause their health problems and are supported with treatments that improve how their bodies function, true healing can begin. Naturopathic doctors use nontoxic techniques such as dietary change, nutrient and mineral therapy, detoxification, Physical medicine, hydroatherpy, homeopathy and herbs to assist the body to do what it does naturally: heal. Following a naturopathic doctor’s guidelines — especially the recommended lifestyle modifications — is a sure path to better health, and often fully restores a patient’s well-being.


Naturopathic doctors are committed to:

  • Addressing the fundamental causes of health problems, not just the symptoms

  • Supporting the body’s natural healing ability

  • Using the safest, most effective medicines available

  • Partnering with you and showing you how to improve your health

  • Looking at all aspects of a person — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

  • Preventing diseases

  • Prescribing pharmaceutical drugs only when absolutely necessary


Naturopathic medicine combines the best of conventional medical screening and diagnostic techniques with alternative medicine treatments, allowing individuals to maximize health, minimize reliance on prescription drugs, and take active steps toward longer, healthier lives.