Mitochondria and Mental Health

In high school biology class, you may have heard of the mitochondria being the “powerhouse of the cell”, producing energy substrates in the form of ATP that fuel and nourish every cell of your body. Did you know that the mitochondria has a large impact on how you feel throughout the day and may be a factor that may be contributing to your mental health concerns?

Today, the mitochondria are of tremendous clinical value in integrative psychiatry as they are responsible in producing energy in the form of ATP from the breakdown of dietary carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and perform critical detoxification functions. Healthy mitochondria mean more stable emotions, reduced anxiety, reduced fatigue, and clearer thinking because your body’s natural ability to create neurotransmitters, retrieve crucial nutrients for nervous system function, and support axon myelination is greatly increased.

Furthermore, supporting your mitochondria has far more reaching benefits than the brain and is the ultimate anti-aging medicine as these functional bacteria support molecular structures for nerve growth, tissue regeneration, metabolism, hormone production, and cellular detox.

If ATP is not generated effectively or if mitochondrial damage occurs due to environmental factors (toxins, drugs, etc), or from an inflammatory diet, the cells that support every organ and system over time become dysfunctional. Secondary mitochondrial dysfunction has been correlated as a contributing factor in many chronic diseases.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to support your mitochondrial health to support your mood and begin to thrive! Assessments via an organic acids test will help determine your specific mitochondrial needs and 8-OHDG can assess the level of oxidative damage done to your mitochondria from harmful environmental determinants.

Minding your mitochondria means implementing diet, lifestyle, and detoxification strategies so that your ATP can effectively be produced. There are a number of natural compounds such as Coq10, PQQ, and Resveratrol, all supporting mitochondrial function!

See your Naturopathic Doctor to begin your journey to achieving mitochondrial vitality!