Anti-Aging and Hormone Therapies: 
Mitochondria optimization Protocol
Hormone regulation  
NAD+ therapy 
Cognitive support
Thyroid hormone therapy
Ketogenic eating programs: periodic fasting, intermittent fasting. 

Physical Medicine:
Orthopedic examination
Naturopathic manipulative therapies (adjustments) 
Craniosacral therapy
Cupping therapy

Genomic and epigenetic testing
Lifestyle modification and environmental medicine
Sleep quality analysis 
Disease specific treatment plans
Neurotransmitter support
Detoxification and chelation
Methylation support 
Neutraceutical prescriptions
Botanical tinctures / medicinal mushrooms 
Gastrointestinal restoration

Naturopathic Primary Care

Management of acute and chronic disease

Diabetes prevention

Physical examination

Sports physicals

Wellness exams

Laboratory result analysis


Constitutional hydrotherapy

WIM HOF method

Sauna Detox Protocols

Integrative Mental Health


Nutrient testing/ analysis

Mineral analysis 

Holistic counseling

Breathing techniques

Guided meditation

Mindfulness meditation instruction

All treatment plans are based on the "Therapeutic Order". The goal of a Naturopathic doctor is to first, do no harm by using the least invasive therapies first. 

Dr. Majeed works in collaboration and under the supervision of licensed individuals.