Working With Dr. Majeed: The Process

Initial Visit: $200.00

Followup Visits: $90.00

Initial Visit:


At your first consultation, you will have an in depth conversation with Dr. Majeed about your health concerns. He will discuss all facets of your health as related to your current issues: physical symptoms, past medical history, diet, lifestyle and mental/emotional factors. At this visit, Dr. Majeed will review any lab work you’ve already had done and determine if any further testing is necessary. Dr. Majeed will explain the self-healing process of naturopathic medicine and his role as your teacher and guide to returning your body to balance. 

At the end of the visit, Dr. Majeed will compile a list of initial recommendations based on your goals and health priorities.


These Recommendations may include further lab testing, and individualized services​​.


First Follow up:

The first follow up can be considered the second half of the initial visit. Dr. Majeed will go through your initial set of lab work, thoroughly explaining what each result means and its impact on your health. 


Subsequent Visits:


Dr. Majeed typically sees patients every 4-6 weeks until symptoms are resolved, modifying your treatment plan according to symptoms and possible lab work. He will determine which interval is appropriate for you, always with an eye toward fine-tuning your health journey for optimal results. 


Ongoing Care:


After your immediate concerns have resolved, Dr. Majeed suggests periodic check-in visits to maintain the success you’ve achieved and address any new concerns. Dr. Majeed might periodically recommend re-checking certain lab parameters.

Home Visits:


For those wishing to receive naturopathic care in the comfort of their home, Dr. Majeed is available to consult this way.